Whale Watching (Dec 15, 2022 – Apr 15, 2023)




1 hour 30 minutes

Departure Days & Time

Almost Everyday! (Monday's & Tuesday's are closed)
8:00 AM and 10:00 AM
Please come 30 minutes before your reservation time for check-in.


Next Whale Watching Season: Dec 15, 2022 – Apr 15, 2023.

Our whale watching tours have the lowest prices in all of Hawaii, and are operated by the most experienced crews.

The best time to see Humpback whales in Hawaii is between the months of December and April, and there’s no better place to view them than from our double deck catamaran. Join us off the coast of Oahu on an excursion from Waikiki and experience the majesty of Humpback whales for yourself.

These playful, and surprisingly acrobatic animals have a strong cultural value to native Hawaiians, as a whale is the representation of Kanaloa, the god of all ocean life. With us as your guide, we will assure you that our crew will try our best to spot Hawaii’s beautiful marine life for you!

Join us for an unforgettable experience, as we guarantee whale sightings. If you don’t see whales during your first trip, your next trip is free on us! (must be booked within 7 days of your original booking).

Recommended Preparation

  • Camera
  • Light cover-up or jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Tablets or patches to prevent seasickness if needed


Children under 3 years old can come aboard for free, but they need to be accompanied by an adult. Additionally, due to their age, they will be unable to participate in tour activities for safety reasons.

Important Note

Please check in 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time and enjoy your cruise!

What's Included/Excluded

  • Water, Snacks and Juice
  • 2 Restrooms
  • Cruise fee
  • Harbor fee
  • State tax
  • Pick up / Drop off - You will have to arrange for transportation yourself. We recommend Uber or public transportation as parking is difficult. If you are driving please come 30-45 minutes earlier to find parking as the tour promptly leaves at a set time.
  • Alcoholic drinks & Food - You are welcome to bring your own food & drinks.

Additional Information

This vessel departs from Kewalo harbor, which is located 5 minutes from Waikiki Hotels. Get Google maps directions hereAddress is #PIER E, 1025 Ala Moana Blvd, Honolulu, HI 96814.

Transportation to/from the tour is not included. If you are driving a car, parking is available onsite for $1/hour at Kewalo Basin harbor.

Before making reservations for our tour packages, please notify us of any medical conditions or pregnancies in your group. Certain activities are not recommended for pregnant women and senior citizens. Those with a family history of diabetes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, or strokes may need extra precautions. For the safety of our customers and crew, we reserve the right to refuse service to those who are not in good health.

  • Further, note that most of our events are restricted to those three years of age or older. All persons may be required to sign a liability waiver before boarding our vessels.
  • Adverse weather conditions or other factors may negatively impact the safety of planned activities. For this reason, specific events and locations can be subject to change, delay, or in extreme circumstances, cancellation. This is particularly true of diving point locations, which can change without notice due to season or weather.
  • While there is no dress code for most tours, please be careful when boarding the boat. Water increases your chances of slipping on any vessel or ship. We recommend against wearing sandals and slippers to minimize this risk.
  • Those who experience nausea from motion or sea sickness should take a preventative medication one hour before boarding. This will help to minimize any discomfort you may experience.
  • For those diving, we strongly recommend against flying in any type of aircraft for at least 24 hours after leaving the water.
  • Finally, there is a jinx from bananas. They are said to cause an accident. So, before boarding any of our boats, please make sure you haven’t brought any bananas with you. Seriously.

Late cancellation of any portion of your party will result in a late cancellation fee for that portion of your party.
All sales are considered final. Cancellations for up to five people must be done at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled activity. Cancellations for six or more people must be done at least 72 hours prior to your scheduled activity. Any reservations not cancelled within the terms of this policy will not be refunded.

Same-day cancellations are a full charge.
Rescheduling any portion of your party will result in a $10 per person/per activity fee.

Parasailing rescheduling any portion of your party will result in a $25 per person/per activity fee.

Departure Days & Time

Almost Everyday! (Monday's & Tuesday's are closed)
8:00 AM and 10:00 AM
Please come 30 minutes before your reservation time for check-in.

Tour Information

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Min Age



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Departure Days & Time

Almost Everyday! (Monday's & Tuesday's are closed)
8:00 AM and 10:00 AM
Please come 30 minutes before your reservation time for check-in.

Customer Reviews

Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 15 customer reviews.

Maliha Matt and captain Eric were great and lovely for our 8am whale watching session! We saw multiple whales and even spinner dolphins. The crew was friendly and welcoming the boat was nice and clean. My friends and I enjoyed it thoroughly and will have to try the recreational rentals next time we venture out!

tatiana bourey Avatar
tatiana bourey

5 star ratingWe saw a pod of whales!!!We had an amazing whale watching experience! Saw a pod of whales three separate times after a quick boat ride out to sea. I booked here because it was cheaper than other whale watching tours and it was well worth it!

Melanie M. Avatar
Melanie M.

We saw whales! Captain and crew were amazing. Will definitely be back!

Tyler Warhurst Avatar
Tyler Warhurst

The crew were AMAZING!!!! We learned so much more than we expected AND———> we SAW WHALES!!!!!!!!!! They DEFINITELY delivered!!!!!!! HIGHLY recommend if you want to gain knowledge AND SEE WHALES🐋🐋🐋🐋

Vanessa Arispe Avatar
Vanessa Arispe

5 star ratingYay! We saw whales!I was able to book a day ahead for the 8am tour. The catamaran was nice and spacious. It holds up to 129 passengers, but we lucked out a week before spring break and there were less than 30 on our trip. I made my own rockstar seating area at the front.Our 90 minute tour yielded a couple turtle sightings and a handful of humpback whales spouting and seeing their flukes as they dove. Such elegance for a creature that can reach over 600 feet long!Our crew was awesome! Informative and friendly and it was smooth sailing the entire 90 minutes.

Sandee L. Avatar
Sandee L.

I went on Feb 14th and loved the boat ride and crew, however did not see a whale. I was surprised I could come back an alternate date since there were no sightings. I came back on the 16th and saw many whales. It was fantastic.

Terri Mullen Avatar
Terri Mullen

Watching ride was really worth it despite not seeing any whales that day. It was so enjoyable just being out on the water and looking at Honolulu and surrounding areas from a different angle. There is also lots of water and sky activity to watch as well, from surfers, boaters, ships and plane traffic. Great 360 views on their boat.

The boat is of decent size and not a small recreational boat, but if the waves are choppy, the ride can be a bit bumpy, but that just adds to the fun of the adventure. There are open areas as well as covered, but if you need to hide from the sun and sea mist, there is roomy inside cabin with big windows that you can still enjoy the view from.

Now, you can’t control nature and like I said earlier, we didn’t see any whales, but there is possibilities of seeing other sea life like turtles and flying fish which I have seen before on this ride some years ago. Don’t go with the expectation of seeing a whale, just go to enjoy the ride, views, fresh are and if your lucky, you’ll see a whale or two.

R. Lee Donaldson Avatar
R. Lee Donaldson

5 star ratingWonderful day What a great crew! Nacho, Matte, and Eric were helpful and hilarious. Also, I’m 57, but the slide made me feel like a kid again.

Tim Avatar

5 star ratingFriendly staff! Very helpful super friendly and overall just a good trip! Wasn’t as many turtles in the area we were but saw fish and enjoyed ourselves!

Jodi T Avatar
Jodi T

5 star ratingBoat fun This was a last minute decision that I felt lucky to book since EVERYTHING in Hawaii is booked for weeks out. I was excited to snorkel and see turtles but unfortunately there were NONE where we went.
The trampoline, off boat jumping and slide made up for it. Although I was too chicken paddle board or kayak I thoroughly enjoyed my time. The crew where pleasant and entertaining. Well worth it!

Gina J Avatar
Gina J

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